Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Winners of my Happy Birthday Pack

Hi Everyone!  It's been a crazy last couple days for us!  My hubby got bit by a mosquito (we think).  On Saturday morning I took him to the ER because it had swollen and looked really gross.  They put him on an antibiotic and sent him home.  Tonight I looked at his finger and it had tripled in size.  I told him he needed to go back and he refused. I went to dinner with my family because my aunt is visiting.
We had a great time.  One of my cousins and my sister are nurses. I showed them a picture of his finger and they said I needed to get him in immediately.  I went home and told him he was going in.  He refused...but I finally won.  Urgent care sent us to the ER where he found out that his bite area had an abscess in it.  They opened it up and drained it.  It was sooooo incredibly gross.   They wrapped it, gave him pain meds and sent him home.

Wow!  All from a mosquito!!!

Tonight I have been busy working on units.  I was excited to purchase some more clip art.  I am addicted to Graphics From the Pond and Zip-a-dee-doo-dah-Designs.  I also found this wonderful package by Teacher Laura.  You should check it out!
Short Vowel CVC Clipart BUNDLE

Finally tonight I wanted to announce the winners of my Happy Birthday Pack give-away!  Sara Edgar and Desiree Cotten are my winners.   They will be getting this pack.
Happy-Birthday-Celebration-Pack  Congrats!!!!

 It has birthday crowns...

 Pencil toppers....

And coupons for the birthday child to pick from!
Have a great day!


  1. Ewww! That sounds incredibly gross! I'm glad it wasn't worse though! So happy I won your birthday pack!
    Polka Dot Kinders

    1. Congrats! Let me know if you received it. :)