Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ten Pin Linky Party ~ Writing Ideas

Hi!  I am linking up with Ashley over at Just Reed to share 10 pins about writing!  Writing is my FAVORITE area to teach.  You can incorporate it in everything you do.  I love having kids create cute projects and write about them.

Here are some of my favorite writing pins.
1.  Fun With Firsties created this cute poster as a Writing Checklist.  First grade is a big year for learning to write.  Our students growth in writing is huge.  It's very common to forget capitalizing letters and ending with an end mark.  I will be adding this to my classroom.
Writing Checklist

2.  I love this poster by Andrea Knight.  Every year I have a kiddo or two that just can't seem to find anything to write about.  Having this poster in each of my kids writing folders will hopefully help them come up with ideas.
Hot Topics - Ideas I Can Write About  $
3. Teach Love had this great book.  I love using books to encourage my kids to write.  It shows my students they are not alone in their writing journey.  I use different books all the time when talking about illustrating our books.  This is one of my favorites. 

4.  I love this idea from Emily over at I Love My Classroom.  I used it when introducing how-to books.  Kids who are visual learners benefit so much from seeing the step by step directions.
5.  Nancy over at First Grade Wow shared this fun poster for us.  I love it!
First Grade Wow: If I Can Think It...

6.  I love this idea!!!  I will be using it next year.  The link goes to a Flicker account...Lewis Elementary.  
The Best Part of Me   writing prompt.  This would be such a great prompt, not to mention a beautiful bulletin board display.  I know this is an elementary idea but I think that it can be transformed...

7.  Christie over at Mrs. Gilchrist's Class shared this poster.  Again, another great reminder as to what writers need to remember.

8.  Heidi and Emily over at Second Story Window  have a fabulous post.  They give lots of monthly writing ideas for you to do with your kids.

9.  Spiffy Steph has AMAZING organization ideas for a writer's notebook!  You can check it out over at Apples Of Your Eye.  There are so many ideas running through my mind right now!
The best organization of a Writer's Notebook I've found- plus, simple activities for starting writing off 'WRITE!' this school year! :)

10.  You can find this poster over at Scholastic.  It's always so much fun teaching kids new ways to say an overused word.

I hope you got some great ideas!  You can link up with Ashley too to share your fun writing pins.


  1. Love the Hot Topics and Best of Me pins! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love your Writing Checklist along with What Good Writer's Do. In addition I love anything written by Vera Williams. Great springboard for writing.
    I am your newest follower. :)

    Teise's Tidbits