Sunday, November 25, 2012

Number Sense: Christmas Candy

We've had a pretty busy month at school.  We started the month off by talking about Veterans Day.  We made some cute art projects from Deanna Jump.  You can check out her Veterans Day activities packet here.  We made the cute soldiers and sent them off to an Army National Guard base for Veterans to see.  We also celebrated the 50th day of school.  We got all dressed up in poodle skirts and rolled jeans.  We made root beer floats to end the day.  We finished the month by talking about what we were thankful for.  It seem like Thanksgiving got here super quickly this year.  During the month we also had some guest readers.  My kids were so excited when 2 Minnesota Viking Cheerleaders came to our classroom to read. 
We also had our Superindendent read in our class.  The kids were so excited, they thought the President of the United States was visiting. 
We are going to be super busy from now until Christmas Break.  We will be going to a play, Little Red Riding Hood, so I plan on reading several different versions of this story.  We will talk about who the characters are in the story, some of the events in the story, when the story is taking place and what the problem in the story was.  We will also be celebrating, Holidays Around the World and we will be making Gingerbread Houses and a Gingerbread Man that runs away.  During our math time I have created some math activities that kids will do when they are done with their work. 

 Students will look at the numbers on the candies and put them in the correct numerical order on the mats.  They will record the numbers on the recording sheets.


 In the following activities students will look a the numbers on gumdrops and they will put them into the jars.  Even numbers will go in the even jar and odd numbers in the odd jar. 

Students will look at the numbers on the cards and will sort them into the correct piles.  4 cards will go together.  They will look at the numbers on the red card  and find the yellow, blue and green match.

Finally kids will look at the green card and find the blue and yellow card that is the same. 

You can find these below by clicking on the words Number Sense.  I will be throwing a sale on Monday for Cyber Monday!  Happy Shopping!  I plan on getting lots of good deals! :)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Coffee and the Newspaper

This week was a busy week and I survived it!  Who else thinks Halloween should be on a Saturday?  We don't celebrate Halloween at our school.  So, I typically do a fun project that takes a longer amount of time on that day!  This year I did my Coffee and the Newspaper activity.  I start out by asking my first graders how long they have been reading.  I then tell them that reading is a skill that they will be using for the rest of their life.  I ask them when they see their parents reading.  They give me all the times they see them reading.  We then focus on reading the newspaper.  I tell them words that they are learning now can be found in the newspaper.  I ask them how many people see their parents drinking coffee.  Many of them raise their hands.  I then tell them that they will be pretending they are adults and they will be reading the paper.  I also tell them that we will be reading the newspaper and drinking coffee.  Many of them say they don't like coffee but I tell them that they will like "my" coffee.  I put a pot on to brew so that it smells good and they can see it. 
We then get our newpapers out and I tell them that they need to look for words that they know.  They can only cut out words that they know and glue them to their piece of paper.

As they are working, I take the pot of coffee to my desk and secretively pour chocolate milk into coffeee cups (that I purchased from Target).  The last glass I pour is real coffee so they can see me pouring it.  I then pass out the "coffee" to the kids.  They think they are drinking real coffee and get excited with how good it tastes.  I also pass out donuts.

At the end, we share the words that we found!  I have so many kids that say this is their best day ever!