Sunday, May 17, 2015

Lemonade Day!

Our ABC Countdown to Summer is continuing in our classroom.  Last week we had I-M days.

On L day we learned about lemonade.  I had a sweet parent borrow me a lemonade stand.  I set up the lemonade stand in my classroom the night before our fun day.  I LOVE how it turned out.

We started our lemonade day in the afternoon.  We made regular lemonade and pink lemonade.  The kids each got to taste both of them.

We then talked about what our favorite kind of lemonade was and made a graph.  We counted to see how many people liked each flavor and made a graph.

Kids colored their glass either pink or yellow.

We learned that pink lemonade was our favorite.  Only two kids liked yellow lemonade.

Throughout the day we did other fun learning activities.  We made these fun lemonade stands that I got from Teaching in the Tongass.  We weren't quite finished with them yet.

 We then listened to The Lemonade Stand on YouTube.  The kids loved it!

 We also did some fun centers.

In this one the kids built 3 and 4 letter sight words.  They looked at the sight word on the lemonade stand and built the words with lemonade glasses.

We also put the numbers in order from 1-100.

 We loved  Lemonade Day!  You can find my activities in my Lemonade pack by clicking here.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Band-Aid Sight Words

Our PLC goal this year was learning our sight words.  My kids have been doing really well with this. We have been doing lots of different activities to learn them.  One of our favorite activities was doing an activity where I dressed up as a doctor.  I gave them all pretend shots and gave them a real Band-Aid with a sight word on it.  Each kid had to go around the room and read what their friend's Band-Aid said.  They then had to say it and record it on a recording sheet.

I bought some Latex free Band-Aids from Target and wrote 25 of the word that we were working on onto the Band-Aids. 

I put on my doctor's outfit that I got from an online garage sale off  FB.  It was $2!!! 

I then gave my kids pretend shots and put a Band-Aid on them.  Each Band-Aid had a sight word on it.

They had to walk around the room and read the words on their friend's Band-Aids.  They recorded the words on their recording sheets.

The next day I hid Band-Aids around the room.  They had to write down the sight word and use it in a sentence.   

My kids had so much fun!!!  You can find my Band-Aid words HERE ON TPT.  Enjoy!!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Ice Cream and iPad Day

Today was Ii day for our ABC countdown to summer!  We celebrated Ii day by doing all of our lessons on iPads.  We ended the day by making ice cream.  The kids had so much fun!  The day flew by so fast.

When I got to school I wondered if my iPads would be charged.  I unlocked our cart to see that they were all plugged in.  I have the BEST group of kindergarten students.  They ask to put them away every night and they PLUG them in for me.  

We started the day by doing ice cream cone math.  The kids walked around the room with their iPads and took pictures of math equations that were hanging in the room.  The created a book in Book Creator with this pictures.  They added the picture, wrote the equation and recorded their voice saying the equation.  

I copied my equations on colored paper.  My kids hung them all around the room.

We sat down together and I had them download their books from Google Drive.

I used my iPad and projected what I was doing on the Smart Board so they could follow along easily.

Once they got to this step and I saw the book on their iPad, they were off.  They took pictures of the equations that they found, wrote their equations and added their voice saying the problem.

In event that someone broke one of our iPad rules, I had some worksheets made up so that kids could still walk around and write down equations that they found.  With our 1st iPad activity of the morning, I had a couple students that had to do this.  They were not happy about it and didn't lose their iPad privileges for the rest of the day.

I made an ice cream book that I added to our iPads.  It had facts on it about ice cream.  It was easy to read and kids could find images on their iPads to add to the pages.

Our next activity was making an ice cream flavors book.  The kids brainstormed all of the different kinds of ice cream that they could think of.  They then added these pictures to their books in Book Creator.  They recorded themselves reading the sentences that they came up with.

This is a video of them making their books.  I am really impressed with how fast they are getting at doing this.  They are doing so well and have blown my mind with things that they are able to do with the iPads.  We sat down today and learned how to make an iMovie.  They helped pick out the slides, video and music to go with it.  This week they will make their own iMovies.

We ended our day by making ice cream.  I was originally going to bring ice cream to school for the kids to eat.  My 11 year old son asked why I wasn't going to let them make the ice cream.  He said that I needed to give them that memory.  That it was one of his favorite memories from when he was younger.  So, I caved.  I bought all the ingredients in the morning before school.  We listened to Greg and Steve and shook the bags for about 20 minutes.  They had so much fun!

We did not get to building our sight words today, but that is in the works for the rest of the week.  Each of the cones has a sight word on it.  The kids will build the sight words out of scoops of ice cream.

I have 2 Ice Cream packs that you can check out here.  This one is from today.

This one is from a couple years ago.   You can read about it HERE.  There are also lots of other end of the year activities that you can read about.  

Have a great night!