Wednesday, May 8, 2013

End of the Year Activities

I can't believe the end of the year is quickly approaching.  I feel like I am not ready for it and have so much to do. 

Today I stayed home with my son and got lots of work done.  Yesterday, while at school he sat in the grass and had a severe allergic reaction to something.  We're not sure what, but he was covered in hives, welts and a pretty big rash.  He was given some pretty strong steriods and stayed home with me today so I could moniter him.  Another teacher at school had the exact same thing happen to her today after sitting in the grass.

Being I was home, I finalized a lot of my end of the year plans.

During the last 10 days of school we have "Special Days".  Each day is so much fun.  I created for these days.

One of the days we have Swim and Read Day.  We set up a pool in our classroom and each child reads a book or poem in it.  They love it!
 You can find more of the activities that we do in my Swim and Read Day pack here....Swim-and-Read-Day-End-of-the-Year-Activities
Another day we have BUBBLE DAY.  We make bubbles and chew bubble gum.  We read lots of books and have fun with our bubbles. 


Telling Time

 We will read these cards with all the steps on blowing bubbles.  They will blow a bubble and put these in order.

You can find my Bubble Day pack here....Bubble-Day-End-of-the-Year-Activities
We also have WATERMELON DAY!  This day is a favorite one for our kids.  We cut up a watermelon and have a seed spitting contest.  We also taste different kinds of candies/gum that is watermelon flavored.  I am including samples from my pack below.

We also have an ICE CREAM DAY.  I love this day!  We make homemade ice cream.  The kids love it!!!  We do other fun activities through out the day.

 ABC order cards

Synonyms with 3 words.  Students will find the 3 words that mean the same thing and put them on a cone.
You can find more details here...Ice-Cream-Day-End-of-the-Year

I will go into more details later we a detail of our plans.  I am exhausted tonight.  I am so jealous of those of you that have less than 10 days of school left. :)

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