Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Happy Teacher's Appreciation Day * Blog Hoppin Linky

Wow!  I seriously have to step away from my computer right now or I will be broke!!  I have bought so many fantastic things during TPT Teacher Appreciation Sale.   I am Linking up with imbloghoppin to share some of my purchases with you!

I have purchased lots of new clip art from Melonheadz.  I am so addicted to the clip art in her store! Wow!! I accidentally found her on Etsy, and now I can't stop looking at her stuff. I bought several new sets of clip art. 
I also having been watching some clip art on Ashley Hughes blog.  The School Supply Addict.  I ended up getting the Gumball Machines and
and the CVC pack!  I have been watching this for awhile!
I also purchased
Cara Carroll's /Precious-Parents-Mothers-Fathers-Day-Bundled.  I already put it to use!!  I love it! :)
Finally, I purchased 1st-Grade-Common-Core-Morning-Workbook.  This one really excites me too as I have been watching/wanting it for a while.  I got the add on packs as well.
In addition to that I got Borders-for-letterhead-newsletters-etc-Group-1.  I am really excited about everything!!!
I wish I could remember what blog I read last night...but they suggested that to get ready for the sale...you give feedback on all the items that you have purchased already so you are able to use your TPT credits.  I am really bad at doing that...and last night I did it...for over an hour and a half on every thing I have purchased over the past year. I ended up getting almost $30 off of my cart today!!  YAY!!!
I hope you are having a great night have found some great deals!

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