Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

My boys have been lucky to have some pretty awesome teachers over the past few years.  It makes me happy when they are happy and when they enjoy going to school.  Being the end of the year is coming up soon, I was trying to think of something that we could do for them.  I had an idea and shared it with my 9 year old.  He didn't want to wait until the end of the week and asked if he could give it to his teacher this week because it was Teacher Appreciation Week. 
We started with some boxes of candy that we got from the Dollar Tree. I tried to get the same sized candy or something that would fit into a "theme".  I got duct tape, scissors and wire from the Dollar Tree as well.  We got flowers and letters for their last name at Michaels on clearance for less than a dollar. 

We started by using the colorful duct tape to tape the sides together.  We made sure they were even.  We took a box of lemon drops and taped them into the bottom.  It was the perfect size fit.


We then cut pieces of wire and taped it to the back of the flowers and letters.

Inside the box we stuck a small rectangular floral, stryrofoam piece.  We stuck the wire into that.  They look like a vase.  The last thing we need to put inside the boxes are gift cards for them.  They are cute and simple.  It was easy enough for my 9 year old to help with!!
I linked up with Thirty Handmade Days to share this idea.  You can find great ideas for projects by stopping by! 
I hope you are all having a great week!!

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