Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fundraiser For Oklahoma

Listening to the news has been so sad for the past couple days.  It breaks my heart to hear when tragedy strikes.  It's even worse when small children/schools are involved. I cannot imagine the fear those teachers and children faced as the tornado was hitting.  From what I am hearing the teachers in those school involved were heros once again.  They threw themselves on top of other people's protect them.  I would do the same we all would!

The tornados hit close to home for me.  My cousin lives in Oklahoma. He lives less than a half mile away from the Plaza Towers Elementary School.  The path of the tornado just missed his home in Moore Oklahoma.  This is his interview with the local news from my hometown.

You can help everyone in Oklahoma here.  I am truly amazed by the teachers on Teachers Pay Teachers and how fast they got something together to help people out. I tried to donate but they said that they were no longer accepting donations.  It says a lot about how many people stepped up to help so quickly.  I will be purchasing this bundle to help Oklahoma out.
Today another tragedy occured today in MN.  A 4th grade class was on a field trip.  The class was digging for fossils when the saturated ground broke underneath them.  A fourth grader died and 2 others were injured.  They are still missing another child.  My heart is breaking for everyone involved.  My biggest fear when going on field trips is of losing a child or of something happening to them.  I do my best to protect the babies that are with me.  Today's accident was a freak accident.  It was no ones fault.  I am praying for the teacher in this class, the students and all the families involved!  My heart is breaking for them.  I cannot even imagine what they are going through.  It makes me sad that tragedy is striking all around us.  It's also a good reminder to me to continue to hug my kids every day and make sure they know that they are loved, valued, appreciated and important. 
Please keep all these families in your prayers. 

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  1. Oh my gosh! That's so horrible! I'll definitely keep the families and schoolmates of those 4th graders in my prayers. I can't even imagine.

    Teacher at the Wheel