Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Band-Aid Sight Words

Our PLC goal this year was learning our sight words.  My kids have been doing really well with this. We have been doing lots of different activities to learn them.  One of our favorite activities was doing an activity where I dressed up as a doctor.  I gave them all pretend shots and gave them a real Band-Aid with a sight word on it.  Each kid had to go around the room and read what their friend's Band-Aid said.  They then had to say it and record it on a recording sheet.

I bought some Latex free Band-Aids from Target and wrote 25 of the word that we were working on onto the Band-Aids. 

I put on my doctor's outfit that I got from an online garage sale off  FB.  It was $2!!! 

I then gave my kids pretend shots and put a Band-Aid on them.  Each Band-Aid had a sight word on it.

They had to walk around the room and read the words on their friend's Band-Aids.  They recorded the words on their recording sheets.

The next day I hid Band-Aids around the room.  They had to write down the sight word and use it in a sentence.   

My kids had so much fun!!!  You can find my Band-Aid words HERE ON TPT.  Enjoy!!

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