Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Getting Organized & A Freebie (CAFE posters)

Tonight I spent some time getting things ready for school.  I know I'm crazy because kids don't start school until after Labor Day, but hearing about so many people starting back already or soon scares me.  When I go back, I want to be prepared and I don't want to feel like I am rushing.  Tonight, while shopping, I saw so many people buying school supplies.  I think they are feeling the same as me...and want to get their supplies while there is still a good selection.

I found some great stuff.

 These erasers were in the Dollar Spot at Target.  In first grade, our kids have to sort objects into categories.  I am going to make some sets of these and have the kids sort them out.  They will have to tell why they put the objects in the groups that they did.  They has sea life, sports and sweet treats erasers.  I already have so many ideas of how to sort them.

This cup holder was at Office Max.  It was $10 and some odd cents.  It has two handles on it. I have so many ideas of how to use it.  I haven't decided if it will go in my Writer's Workshop table, by my easel or by my doc cam.  So many different choices.

After shopping, I was motivated to print some of my classroom labels off.  I updated my Get Organized Pack and wanted to start printing some of the labels in it.  My son helped me laminate some of it.

I mentioned that I updated it.  I added some ABC posters, management posters for guided reading and I changed the background on the supply labels so there are two choices now.

 Headers for Word Wall

 ABC posters for wall

 500+ words for word wall.  

 The top 100 words are on posters for hanging in room.

Frames for putting kids pictures in.

 Labels for above tables.

 Job chart

 Basket Labels

 Name tags for tables.

 Blank locker labels.  You can write kids names in.  I really wish I knew how to make these editable.

 Labels also have numbers on them.  You may chose to give your kids numbers for their book bins and lockers.

 Cycle Day cards

Signs to hang outside door in case you leave the room and want people to know where you are.

Labels with two different backgrounds.

 You can write kids names on clips and attach them to the side of the posters.  When they switch a just switch the clip.

 Heading for special days. I took all the big ones listed on the calendar.

 Calendar squares...3X3 inches.

 Days of the week headers.

I apologize for pictures off my phone.  You can check out this bundle here.  The two main colors of my room are blue and green.  These match those colors.

I also am including a freebie.  Someone was looking for CAFE posters for their kindergarten classroom.  I made these.  You can download them here.

Have a great night!


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    1. Thank you! I can't wait to get into my room to set things up. :)

  2. Ah! Oh my gosh!!! I totally forgot that I bought that cup caddy in April! OMG thanks for reminding me! LOL!

    I was going to use it for Popsicle sticks for my 6 classes but now I only have three. hmmm. Perhaps I can use one side for "available" and the other for "chosen already." So that everyone has a turn getting picked.

    My brain is mushed.
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