Friday, July 12, 2013

Favorite Pins Friday Linky

Hi!  I am linking up with Cara over at The First Grade Parade to share some of my favorite pins.

Favorite Foods
This week I wanted my kids to try a different variety of foods.  They seem to only like chicken and pizza. This week I found some amazing dishes that I tried and will be making again.  My oldest son liked them a lot.  My youngest was still pretty picky.  One night he decided to eat 1/2 head of lettuce and a container of blueberries.  He didn't want to ask me to make anything else for him.  Hopefully one day he will try new foods.

1. These Chicken Enchiladas were sooo good.  There wasn't anything left for leftovers.  Major sadness...but I am glad they were a hit!  You can find the recipe here...Joyful Momma's Kitchen.

2.  I found this recipe for Ritz Chicken from The Girl Who Ate Everything,  To be honest. we have enjoyed a different version of this recipe for years.  However, when I saw this I thought it would be fun to change it up a bit.  It was so good.

3.  I haven't made this yet, but I got the ingredients for it and will be making it for dinner today.  This Crock Pot chicken from My Daily Moment looks wonderful!

4.  Searching through my recipes made me crave this yummy dessert, Red Velvet Cheesecake Swirl,  that I found from Six Sisters Stuff.  You can never really go wrong with ANY recipe that is on their website.  I have made this one several times.  The frosting is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.  I have made just the frosting before...just because.  It would be yummy on pumpkin bread, carrot cake or on my toast in the morning!  YUMMY!!!

Classroom Ideas
I have never really had a theme in my classroom before. I have always had primary colors as my main colors, but nothing ever matched.  After seeing all my bloggers friends' rooms, I decided I needed a theme.  I found my owl picture from Ikea and decided to use aquaish blue and olivish green as my two colors.  Everything has been falling into place, almost too perfectly for me and I can't wait to get into my classroom to set it up.

1.  These cosmetic sponges  from The Dollar Tree are going to work perfectly for white board erasers.  I love the colors and how they match so well.

2.  I saw this pin on one of my team members boards and knew right away that I was going to do it.  My theme is owls.  This activity from Little Learners  will match my room so well!  I can't wait to do it. I knew I was going to do a welcome board with owls of some kind, now I have it all figured out.

3.  This next pin for my classroom is one that I pinned.  To make a long story short...I ordered a rug from Kohl's on Monday.  They always have fantastic sales and coupons.  When I found this rug, it was almost too good to be true.  The colors were perfect.  It matched all the decorations that I made for my room.  I was excited.  On Tuesday I got an email saying the order was cancelled.  No reasons or explanations what-so-ever.  After calling Kohl's and much frustration, I was told the rug was not in stock.  I went on the website as I was talking and it was showing that it was in stock.  With a lot of frustration and long discussions, I was told I would have to keep checking to see when it was back in stock.  I didn't know how I would know that if it was still showing online that they had it.  I pinned it right away and thought I might check back.  On Wednesday I got a phone call apologizing for what had happened.  It turns out the skew number was wrong in the computer which was causing problems.  To make up for what had happened they told me that I was getting it for free!!!!  This completely restored my faith in them.   I am so excited and will have my kiddos write thank you notes for the new rug in our classroom.

This picture is of a unit I created for my room.  It is in my TPT store too.  Notice how the background matches the rug?!?  It was like they were made to go together and why I needed it so bad.  Remember how I said, "Things are falling into place?"  Crazy!

You can find my decorations here...Get Organized.  I just have been adding more and more to the pack and will be sending an update this weekend.  

4.  My final pin is one of my  favorites.  I have always wondered where people got the cute tissue paper flowers that hang from their ceilings.  I found this pin by Design Dazzle and was so excited!  I have been practicing making them.  They don't look as good yet, but I have a month and 1/2 to get it right.  :)

They would look cute with these.  There is no link to them...but I think I could figure them out.

I can't tell you how much I love Pinterest! It makes my life so much easier! :)

Just a reminder if you would like to join us for the MN blogger get is happening next week.  Let Sara know.  

I am also really close to having 100 followers and have some great things that I will be giving away.  Stay tuned.  :)

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