Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Thankfulness Sale!!

Hi Everyone!  One year ago today was one of the scariest/happiest days of my family's life.  My mom had gone into kidney failure and was needed a kidney transplant.  She had to do dialysis every single night and depended on a machine to live.  3 of my siblings and I were tested and were matches to give her a kidney, but after further testing, we couldn't donate.  My cousin was then tested and found to be a perfect match!  One year ago she gave the greatest give that anyone could give, she gave my mom a kidney and a second chance at living a more normal life.  I am including a video that my sisters, mom and cousin made talking about the process they went through.  If at any time you considered registering to be a donor but didn't do it, I would highly recommend it.  My family will never be able to repay my cousin and works cannot express the gratitude that we feel for her.  My mom had her 1 year check-up today and she's doing well.  My cousin is doing well too.

To celebrate this day I will be throwing a sale in my TPT store.  It will go through Saturday.  Click her to go to My Store.
Happy Wednesday!

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  1. What a inspiring story! I'm glad to hear your cousin was a match and your mom is okay. Thanks for sharing!
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