Friday, June 21, 2013

Five For Friday

Hi!  I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share 5 things about my week. 

 1.  Today was my husband's last day at his job.  He starts a new job on Monday.  He left work early today to come with me to have my son's cast removed.  We had the best day.
The whole time he had his cast on, he complained that he could feel something moving in his cast.  He would say a mosquito or a bug flew in it.  Today when his cast was removed there were some dead bugs in it!  It was so gross!  I felt so bad for him!  It always cracks me up when they ask if we want to keep the cast.  UMMMMM....NO!!!!  The initial smell just about makes me gag....I don't know what I would do with the actual cast.

He had an orthopedic brace made for his finger.  He has to wear it when he is rough housing or just being a boy.  When asked about playing video games the doctor said, "YES!!' He said that it is actually good therapy and teased us saying he'd write a prescription for it if need be.

2.  After the cast removal, we went to the 5*8 Club and had Juicy Lucy's.  OMGosh!  They are the best!!!
My boys and I before dinner.
3.  After dinner today we went to Ikea.  We just went to look around.  I was trying to get ideas for bins that I want in my room.  I found some great deals.
 I have NEVER been a fan of owls.  I know a lot of people have them in their classrooms or decorate with them...but I never jumped on that band wagon....until today!!!  I found this caaauuutttte picture!  This picture does not do it justice.  The green matches the green chair in my room.  I found blue bins that match the sky.  I am soooo excited to incorporate this into my classroom.  The first thought I had was that I was going to put this by the from of my room with the greeting, "Look Hoo Is In Our Room".  My mind is wandering.  I can't wait to pull it together.

 I found this plastic bag organizer.  I have tons of bags always laying around. I bring them to school and can't throw them away.  I usually have a bag full of bags, but this is going to help me stay organized.  When I need a bag, I will just pull it out of the holes.

 I found these timers.  I am still laughing now at what when down with this little find.  I am always using timers in my room for everything.  It seems that I can't find mine all the time or that when I need it the battery is dead.  This is a little wind-up one that will be put to great use.  As we were driving home, we heard a lot bell sound in the back of the car.  My son started laughing as my husband nearly drove off the road. He had set the timer and it went off scaring us!  When I asked if people at Ikea were hearing the same thing too, he said, "No, I set those for less time!"  He probably set 10 of them.


My other find was these little stuffed toys.  I will use the beach ball next year when we have our Swim and Read Day.  I am planning on using the owl (which happens to be a puppet) during Morning Meeting.  Only kids with owl on their hand will be able to talk.

4.  We have a new curriculum this year.  We are using Benchmark Literacy.  Soooo, I have to do all my word wall words over and all of my sight word lists.  I have been working on this all week.

Originally I was going to have a black and white theme in my room, but now after finding my picture, I am going to change the background of these to blue or green.  I will be adding them soon.  There are 500 word cards altogether.

5.   One of my sweet first graders gave me a gift certificate to Benihanas for Teacher Appreciation Day.  My husband also had a birthday and got a free meal there.  So, we went to dinner this week to use the certificate before it expired. 
 My son loves that his shoes glow in this picture!  The flash hit the reflective parts of his shoes and he glowed.

I tried Octopus while there!  It was really chewy and not that bad!  I don't know if I'd order it again, but I tried it! :)

Finally, I am adding a number 6.  Tonight I bought these from an online garage sale.  For $10 I got all these.
Being a mom of two boys, I have LOTS of boy toys in my classroom for Friday Fun Day or for when we have indoor recess.  Whenever they outgrew something, I brought it to school for my kiddos. I didn't really have any "girly" things.  Last year I bought Pinkalicious and some other girly books.    Today I added these Barbies to my collection. 

That's all for tonight.  I hope you have a great weekend!

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