Saturday, June 15, 2013

Responsive Classroom

I hope you are all having a great weekend!  Unfortunately, my computer caught a virus.  It's a pretty nasty one.  So, my advice to everyone is make sure you have an anti-virus program on your computer.  I had one but it wasn't good enough.  The people at Norton said that the new virus is nasty and it's breaking through virus programs.  I am now able to get on my computer, but I can't download anything.  I have spent at least 8 hours on the phone with Norton and have had them working remotely through my computer.  They are calling back on Monday.  I am bummed because I just bought some new clip art from Melonheadz and from Cara Taylor and was so excited to use it!  For now I can download everything but the folders appear empty!  UGH!  My advice is....have a good program installed and back up your files. :)

Onto my new product.  I have used MANY behavior programs in the past, but I have had the best results when using Responsive Classroom.  The children are included in every step of making rules and learning how to do procedures.  I use a Take-A-Break chair in my room and most of the kids eventually end up sitting in it.  It's meant as a spot to gather your self together and join back with the class when you are ready to learn and allow your friends to learn.  You can find my pack here.

The red hearts below have one of the Responsive Classroom principles on it.  I have included activities for you to do for those areas.  You will get Y charts, mini books and lots of posters and labels to use while setting up your classroom.

I have included several posters on how to do many procedures that we do.  We will do them and practice them over and over.  These can be used to hang in the room or to make into a book for your book center.

There are several posters explaining how to use each supply.  We go through the whole process of naming the item and kids will say how to use them.  We will them practice using them.  These can be used as a reminder or to hang by your supplies.

Labels for supplies so that kids know where to find them.

Labels for centers in room.  It's helpful to list how many kids you want in each center.
(Birthday Posters for you to hang after you have taken pictures of kids holding their birthday number.

I included 5 posters for the social skills necessary for Responsive Classroom to be successful. 
I hope you are having a great weekend.

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