Thursday, April 18, 2013

L Blends Freebie

I'm sitting at home with my two boys today (who both have pink eye)!  YAY me!!   I'm hoping my husband and I don't get it! As I am sitting on my couch, looking out my window...I see this. 
Yep...those white specks are snow!!  It doesn't EVER stop.  We had a beautiful day 2 days ago.  The boys played outside for 3 hours after school and life was good.  From now until tomorrow morning we could get up to 7 more inches!  YUCK!

I've gotten a lot done and would like to share a freebie with you. 

Next year we are getting a new curriculum for Language Arts.  I am starting to develop spelling centers for my kiddos to match the words we will be using.  Today I worked on our L blends list. My units are always going to include some kind of sorting of words.  They will match the skill we are working on.  At the end of them, I am going to include mixed-up sentences.  Our kids take the MAP test three times a year.  They are good writer's but for some reason, putting sentences in order is really hard for them.  I have included our spelling words in our sentences and will have them answer some questions about them.  I can't wait to get them all done.  
You can find it here
 Students will sort the words onto the proper mat.

There are 4 words for each blend and there are 6 blends total.

 A worksheet is included to record the words that they sorted.

 Students will cut apart the words in the dotted lines.  They will put them in the correct order and glue them down.  They will answer questions about their sentences.  I will post the rest as I get them done.


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