Friday, April 5, 2013

Five for Friday

Wow!  I can't believe how fast this week went!!  It was my first week back since spring break...and we had kids only 4 days.  We did report cards on Monday. 

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to share 5 random things from my week.

#1.  I think Mother Nature is royally mad at someone!  I took my kiddos to the bus today and IT WAS SNOWING (in my mad, screaming voice)!!!  What the heck?  We get really nice 50 degree days and then snow!

Both of these photos were from yesterday.  We were out in the park...playing with NO jackets on!  It was wonderful!

And then THIS happened TODAY!!!!  You can see it on my jacket and falling on my son!  The flakes were HUGE!  Luckily it didn't stick.

You really can't see them in this picture but the birds were heading south!!!  Poor things...they are so confused.  We need spring now!

#2.  Today I took a 1/2 day personal day.  It was my son's program in the morning.  It was fun to be able to see his whole program.  After his program I went to Target, Party City and Kohl's and found some great deals.

I got some Peeps.  When our chicks hatch...we celebrate with a treat! :)
I found some soft chicks and eggs. 
I found cups, cupcake decorations and some butterflies.  Those will be used later.

I found this cute project this week from Ms. Fultz's Corner.  It was so cute!  I will be using the fuzzy chicks and eggs that I found today to do chick adoptions.  What a great idea!!!

#3.  I am so close to having my room ready for our chick hatching unit.  I put some finishing touches on everything in my room.

I put antonyms word cards in my chicks and carrots.  We have been busy dancing around with them to songs and then finding our cards that match.  We do this with compound words, synonyms, antonyms and contractions.  The kids have been really antsy, so I try to get some kind of movement activity in every day.

I have plush chicks that I got at Target last year.  They are sitting in my classroom windows which face the main road that goes by our school.  The kids love seeing the chicks as they drive by.

My chick corner.  I wish I could remember where I got the idea for the NEW LEARNING poster that I have hanging up...but I can't.  I have chick puzzles, fuzzy chicks, and lots of egg matching activities.  I still have to organize and finish hanging signs...but I am almost done.

#4.  I finished a project this week in my room and am so happy that I stumbled into the blogging world.  Since I have started blogging, blog hopping and spending hours on Pinterest, I have gotten so many compliments on many of the projects that I have done.  I feel like I am a brand new teacher and have NOT opened many of my boring files with collections of stuff from 10 years ago!

This week we finished talking about the weather.  We made an adorable book that is filled with weather poems.  The kids made an art project to go with each one. I got the lesson ideas from TLC Lessons.  I ordered the Weather Lessons, Senses Lessons and Farm Animal ones.  They are AMAZING and well worth the money.  Each activity required the kids to follow step by step directions. If they are not listening, their art project shows it.  I didn't take pictures, but you can see samples of the lesson by checking out TLC here...TLC  They are so cute!!!

I said I have found so many wonderful projects on Pinterest...this is one of them  I found it from Tori's Teacher Tips.  It was the first project that I did where I got emails from past & present parents of kids in my class.  I also got emails from parents not even in my class where they commented on how cute they were.  Thanks Tori for posting this!!! 

This week I finished this project that I got from Dragonflies In First.  Again, next to the Snow Globes, this has been a big hit with the kids.   We did Cloudy With a Chance of _________ stories.  I didn't get any pictures yet, but they are cute!  You can find them by checking out this weather unit.

#5. I mentioned last week that we are getting a new reading curriculum.  This week we were told that our district was going to collect all of our old books.  We haven't had a new reading curriculum in all the years that I have been teaching and we have been given things here and there to try.  They are collecting everything so that we are only using the new series. 

This is a bunch of stuff we are getting rid'll be so weird to have a new series and we are looking forward to it.
That's about all for this week!  Have a great weekend!


  1. New to your blog and I love it! I think your chick stuff if adorable and it's awesome that you are hatching chicks at school. I've done it at home in the past few years and taken daily pics and video, but haven't done it in the classroom. (My husband actually does it as I have no patience for that kind of thing.) However, I LOVE your cute ideas and wish you the very best. I have some really great, FRIENDLY chickens that lay my eggs that we raised that way!

    Angie @

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! We put our eggs in today! It's so cool that you get to do it at home. I agree with the patience. I just want them to hatch. :) I'm going to stop by your blog. :)