Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Earth Day

This week is really flying by in our classroom so far!  Today and Monday we did some fun activities to celebrate Earth Day.  On Monday we read different books on how we could help take care of the Earth.  We talked about how the Earth was mostly water.  We cut out a circle from a blue piece of construction paper and then added green paint for the land.  We used cotton balls for this.

After allowing them to dry, we glued them on a white piece of paper and trimmed around the blue.  We made sure we left an edge so that we could write on it.  We brainstormed ways that we could help the Earth and wrote one idea on our white edge.  After writing our ideas down, we traced our hands on red, yellow and orange paper.  We cut these out and glued them to to the back of the white paper.  They turned out so cute.

We then listened to Louis Armstrong sing, What a Wonderful World. 

We read What a Wonderful World after.

Finally we made a class book and decorated our own pages to Louis Armstrong's song.

The book turned out super cute!  We read it twice at the end of the day and sang the song to go with it.

We also got our caterpillars today.  My container was crushed when it was delivered to us. I thought they would be fine in the container.

I was wrong.  I decided to check on them...half-way through the morning.  I found one that crawled out...sitting on the lid and I just about freaked out! I hate bugs.  The thought of them crawling around in my classroom and attaching to something was unsettling to me.

So, one of my paras and I made new homes for them in individual vials.  I think they will be safe here.  She helped me attach Kleenex to the top of the jars so when the caterpillars turn into chrysalis', I won't have to touch them.  She was my life savior!

Finally, I wanted to share a picture with you!  We had ANOTHER snowstorm last night.  I woke up and it was BEAUTIFUL outside!  I decided to leave for work a little early and made several stops along the way to take pictures.  The snow is almost all melted now and we are suppose to hit mid 70 by Saturday!

I hope you are having a great week!

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  1. Love all the projects you did today!! They look so cute! At least a lot of that snow melted today!! :)

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten