Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Behavior Management Games

Today is Autism Awareness Day.   Every year we work with a new group of kiddos and are never sure what needs each one of them has.  They are all special in different ways and each one brings something with them to our classroom.  I have had the honor and privilage to work with several kids with Autism during the years I have taught and I have enjoyed working with every single one of them.  They bring so much joy to the classroom.  I have learned the importance of routines, schedules and consistency because of many of my students (not only ones with Austim).  We all learn differently and I am glad that I get to learn with all of my students.   Today I have thought of many of the Autistic kids that I have taught and have great memories of all of them.

Today was also my kiddos first day back from spring break.   With them being apart from one another for so long, they all were very chatty and wanted to talk...every.second.they.could.  These are the days when the Take-A-Break chair just doesn't work, or I'd have way too many chairs going.   So, I decided that I needed to do something differently.  We all have behavior management tricks that we use....and today I discovered a new trick that I will be using for the next month.  Being that the chicks are coming, I have tons of chick things in my room.  I have these cute, fuzzy little chicks that I got for no real purpose...only thinking I could use them for something.  I can't even remember where I got them but know I have had them for 2 years.  Today they came in handy.  I told the kids that I would place a chick on their desk if they were quiet.  The chick would watch them do their work.  OH MY GOODNESS...I didn't hear a single peep from one.of.them.  Thank goodness I had a class set of chicks.  This is what our room looked like...

Journal time....every kid had a chick sitting next to them...

Math time....most of the kids had a chick sitting next to them.

There are other games that we play too.  We play Magic Tape.  I will go around and put tape on the back of   kids' chairs of they are working hard.  If they turn around to look to see if they have tape, I take it away.  Also if they talk, I take it back.  At the end of our work time, whoever has tape on the back of their chair gets a sticker.  It works.  They love it.

I also had a parent donate old trophies to me.  When the kids are doing a great job with their work, I will have them get a trophey to sit at their desk.  They love that too.  :)

What are your ideas?  I am always excited to try new ones.

It was a good day to be back with the kids.  I hope you are having a great week or a great spring break.


  1. Hi Sara,
    Love your ideas for behavior management! Our spring break is still 2 weeks away but when we get back I will be pulling out my arsenal of fresh behavior management strategies. Love the idea of the piece of tape on the back of the chair! I am going to try that out after spring break! Thanks for the great post

    The Math Maniac

    1. Thanks for your message! Two more weeks? I bet you are so excited!!! When do you end the school year? Is your spring break really late? Good luck with the new games. :)