Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Math - Addition Houses

In kindergarten we are really working on our addition facts to 10.   This is such a complex skill for some of the kindergarten kids.

My kids have LOVED all the scavenger hunts that we have done in our room.  They love moving around and the are actively engaged in what they are doing.  Because of this, I decided to do another scavenger hunt actively, this time with math facts.  We have been talking about our families, so I thought I would tie math into this.

To introduce our lesson, I showed the kids an orange card with a number on top of it.  I told the kids that 7 people lived in the house.  Some lived upstairs and some lived downstairs.  I  told them that altogether there were 7 people in the house and that we needed to make an equation with the info that we had.  I had the card under my document camera projected onto the Smart Board.  We talked about what we saw.

Each kid made an equation on their white boards.  We started with 7 because we knew that there were 7 people altogether.  We then added the people in the house.  This child said that there were 7 people.  2 live downstairs and 5 live upstairs.

This child said 5 people live upstairs + 2 people live downstairs = 7 people altogether.

We practiced looking at several different houses and we wrote several different equations,

One of my paras hid a bunch of blue houses with people in them around the room.

The kids were then given a sheet with some houses with numbers on top and lines in the middle.  They were told that they needed to go around the room and look at the blue houses.  They needed to find the house that the equation belonged in.

This was the part that they loved.

They did so well with this and some of them found almost all the houses.  They were bound and determined to find all the equations that equaled each total.

During our math center time they are going to look at the houses and write the equation that it shows.

They are also going to take a task card and read what it says.

They will find the house mat that has the same number on it as the total number of people that live in the house.  They are then going to use people manipulatives to show what the the task card says.

They will make sure they write the equation that shows what the task card says.

They had so much fun today and asked if we could keep doing our math problems.  We spent a lot longer on math than we usually do.  They were actively engaged and on-task the entire time!!  One of my little K sweeties said to me, "My memory is full!"  I asked why he said that and he said, "I learned a lot today!"  It made me laugh.  We learn a lot every day.  I promise!

You can find my math pack HERE.
Math Equation Houses:  Adding People to 10

Have a great night!

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