Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Shapes, Shapes, Shapes

We have been busy learning about shapes in our kindergarten classroom.  This has been a pretty tough concept to teach my kinders.  With a week of fun activities, I think we finally have it down.
I created this fun pack to help my kids learn all about their shapes.  You can find it HERE.
Shapes, Shapes, Shapes 2d & 3d Activities and Centers

In this pack you will find a sorting unit.  There are picture cards with shapes and objects.  There are multiple ways to sort them.

There are several different puzzles in this pack.

There are cards with shapes and words.  You can play memory if you want or just have your kids match the shape to the word.

There are 8x10 posters in the pack.

In this center, I have two different sized of Popsicle sticks.  The kids can pick a card with a shape on it and build it with the Popsicle sticks.

We had a shape party day in our class.  The kids were all asked to find things at home that were shaped like the shapes we were studying in school.  They went around the room and sorted their shapes onto the correct mats.  They then went around with their iPads and took a picture of each poster with the shapes.  We are making a book in Book Creator with all the different shapes.

 One of their most favorite activities was this one.  I typed 120 different words on 12 different shapes.  We hid the shapes with the words on them around the room.  The kids had to record the words in the correct shape box on their recording sheet.  They kept asking if they could do this again.  We ended up doing in a couple days.

 We also made shape people during our shape party.  They had to come up with a nae for their shape person.  The name had to start with the same letter that their shape started with.  Cindy Circle, Sammy Square, etc....

We ended our shape party by having a shape snack.  The kids all brought in a food item to share.

We then sorted the snacks onto the correct shape box.

We got a cone to put our snacks in.  The kids ate some of their snack and brought the rest home.  They LOVED this activity!

Check out my unit HERE.

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