Sunday, March 10, 2013

Math Puzzles: Place Value, Tallies, Coins and Words

Hi!  I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend.  It's going to be hard getting up tomorrow while it's still dark out but I am really going to enjoy the sunshine later in the day.  This weekend I have been busy creating some math puzzles that I will be adding to my math centers.   Students will be looking at a number on a chalkboard on a math mat.  They will have to find the puzzle pieces with coins, tallies, place value sticks and the written word to match the number that they are looking at.  I created a puzzles for the numbers 1-120.  I will pick and choose which ones I will be printing off to start.  I will be organizing them into baggies.  Each student will get a baggie with 10 mats in it.  They will lay the mats on the floor in front of them.  Included in the baggie will be 40 pieces that they will have to look at and sort onto the correct mat.  If they have a mat with the number 50, they will have to find the puzzle pieces with 50 tallies, 50 cents, 5 tens sticks and the word 50.  They will place them onto the correct space on their mat. 
This is what a completed puzzle will look like. 
This is the mat with the number in the middle.

These are the puzzle pieces.

You can view more samples here....Sample.

You can find them in my TeachersPayTeachers store by clicking here....Place-Value-Coins-and-Tally-Mark-Math-Puzzles-Numbers-1-120

I hope you have a fantastic week.

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