Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Chicks...I am so excited!!!

I hope you are all having a fantastic week!  I am on spring break and it's been so relaxing!!  I think my boys and I have slept until at least 10:30 every morning so far!  I haven't done some of the things that I have planned and I have done more things that I didn't have planned.  I've seen a lot of my friends and have tried new recipes.  Originally I was going to make a new Pinterest recipe every day this week.  On Monday I made one and neither of my boys would eat it.  Today my 9 year old asked me if he could make dinner.  I think he wanted something safe to eat! HAHA!

I am super excited to get back to school.  When we get back I will be preparing our classroom for our chick project.  This is my MOST favorite time of the year. I love waiting and watching the kids faces when they finally hatch.  Last year I created a Chick unit which included activities for math and literacy centers.  Because this project last  3 weeks and I love it so much, I created another Chick Unit.  This one has TONS more and is aligned to the common core standards.  I included mini books, life cycle posters, pictures and more! 

You can find it here....Lifecycles-Chicks-Math-and-Literacy-Unit-2-Common-Core-Aligned

Some things you will find...
Past, Present and Future Tense Center

Syllable Center

Fraction Center

Life Cycle Book in color and black and white...

Place Value Center





Writing Activity


Reading Passages (In Color and Black and White)

I am sorry for adding so many pictures.  There are tons more activities in my unit.  You can check it out here...Lifecycles-Chicks-Math-and-Literacy-Unit-2-Common-Core-Aligned
I hope you all have a great week!


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