Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Valentine Chains: 14 Days of Love

I hope you are all having a great February.  The last 4 days, I have uploaded freebies to my TPT store.  I will be adding 10 more to go with the 14 Days of Love give away.  You can find them HERE.  Just click on the most recently uploaded area where my products are listed.  Today we had so much fun doing our DAY 4 activity.

The first thing they did was read and trace over the sentences on the 3 different colored pieces of paper.  We talked about each sentence and how it applied to them.  I couldn't believe how quiet my room was as the kids were tracing each sentence.

After they were done tracing the sentences, they brought their 3 sheets of paper to me.  I cut them into strips on my paper cutter.  They could have cut them out themselves too.

 They then went back to their table spots and glued their strips into chain links.  We talked about making a pattern out of the strips.  They did great at this.

 I then played the song, "I LOVE" by Tom T. Hall.

 We talked about all the different things that we loved.  I gave them a big heart to draw pictures of the things they loved on.  They cut out the hearts after they were done.  I gave them another heart that they are going to put their picture on.  For now we just wrote our names on it.

 We cut the two hearts out and stapled them together with the chain in the middle.  These will be hanging on our ceiling soon.

You can grab this activity HERE.  Check back daily for more freebies. :)

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