Saturday, August 30, 2014

High and Low linky

Hi!  I am linking up with Julie at A First For Everything to join in on her HIGH and LOW linky party!  I can honestly say that I have had a lot of lows this week but it has finally turned around.  I moved to kindergarten this year and am really excited about it.  We have 5 schools that had a lot of construction going on (adding 4 K classrooms to each building).  This is so exciting.  Our rooms are big and have LOTS of storage.  The person who ordered the materials/furniture for our rooms did a great job and thought out every last detail.

Here goes...
I will start with my low.  The construction on our building got behind.  Normally, I would be in my room weeks before setting it up.  BUT...this year I couldn't do that.  I finally could get somewhat into my room on Tuesday evening...keeping in mind that there was a construction crew working and we had to work around them.  On Tuesday we got shelves put into the cabinets.  We still didn't have our storage room baseboards done or the fabric on the walls.  This is what our halls and rooms looked like hours before our open house.  I pretty much held myself together until this day.  I broke down and cried.  I wanted everything perfect.

Things amazingly came together.  EVERYTHING from the halls was gone before parents got there.  This is what my room looked like for Open House.  The kids were not allowed to go into the back of the room.  We just had windows put in that afternoon.  

Things went well.  I loved meeting my new babies.  I can't wait for an exciting year.

My up for the week is that we are finally in our rooms.  I am VERY fortunate to have wonderful friends and coworkers that have been so helpful and understanding.  Our principal and custodians have been so helpful too.  They have all been offering their help to us all week. Yesterday I had a friend help organize cabinets, label folders and do bulletin boards while I unpacked boxes.  She kept me sane.  My room is coming along.  We still have to wait for the walls to be done.  I am excited for kindergarten on Tuesday and can't wait to spend the year with my new babies. 

I still have lots to do...but it is getting there and we're going to have a GREAT year!


  1. Wow! What a wild run, huh? I'm pretty sure you were posting some of these pics on IG because I remember thinking to myself "oh my word, that poor girl". I'm soooo happy for you that it all came together. It looks absolutely amazing! You did a fabulous job! It's going to be a great school year! I can feel it!

  2. I know how you feel! 2 years ago we went from closed classroom to open plan, which meant ripping out some of our walls. Not being able to set up my room ahead of time had me stressed out! But like you, it all came together in time, amazingly!
    Thanks for sharing :)

    Oh the Little Wonders

  3. This seems to be happening to many of us this year! I also spent the 5 days before school started attempting to set up my room while working around construction workers, wet paint, unfinished projects, etc. We are ten days in and there are still unfinished projects in my classroom. I suppose they will get to them eventually. Sigh... I hope you have a great year!