Tuesday, July 8, 2014

It's summer! Alphabet, Rhyming and a Freebie!

Ahhhh!  This blog has been very neglected and I feel really bad!  My boys and I have been enjoying our summertime.  We have been relaxing, running errands and we're getting all our doctor appointments in.  The biggest thing I have enjoyed is that both my kids sleep in until at least noon if not later.  We have officially caught up on our sleep. :)  I am in denial that summer is half over but am really excited for the new year to start.  I will be in a brand new classroom teaching all day kindergarten, which is new in our district.  I will miss teaching first grade but am excited for the change.

I have been taking pics of the progress of our new rooms as we go.  I need an updated one of the outside with all the walls built.

In order to get more prepared for kindergarten, I have been stalking kindergarten teacher's blogs, looking for new ideas of things to use in my classroom.

I am excited to use these items in my classroom this year.

Morning Wake Up Kindergarten Common Core ELA and Math UNIT 1

Alphapalooza 2  Phonemic Awareness & Phonics Fun

Bump Jump & Build Phonics
All Set?  You Bet!  Classroom Management Transitions and Routines
I may or may not have an obsession with Deanna Jump's products.  I was lucky to get to see her present in April.

I have created some units of my own to use in my classroom as well.

 There are word wall words in black and white and color for each letter of the alphabet.

 There is a mini book for each letter of the alphabet.  There are two books.  The top one can be used with kids who are able to trace and write the words.  The bottom book is for kids who may need more practice just tracing letters for right now.

 There are cut and paste worksheets.  Kids will look at the picture and glue the letters underneath.

There are worksheets to practice printing for each letter of the alphabet.  There are two levels for each letter.

I am including the letter A as a freebie so that you can see what you will get for each letter of the alphabet.
You can download the letter A set HERE.  If you enjoy that, you can purchase the pack HERE through TPT.

I also adding a rhyming pack.  Beware...there are lots of pictures!


You can find this pack HERE on TPT.

I hope that those of you that are in Vegas are enjoying your time there and are meeting lots of new friends.  I am super jealous.  


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