Monday, August 12, 2013

Teacher Week '13: Let's Talk About Me Monday

Hi! I hope you are all having a great Monday!  For those of you already back in school, I hope it is going smoothly for you. I am enjoying my last two weeks of vacation.  I can't believe summer is almost gone.

I am participating in the Teacher Week '13 Blog Hoppin' linky party hosted by  Blog Hoppin'.

Each day I will be bloggin  about the following things.  It's going to be a great week! I can't wait to read other people's posts to learn about them!

Today I will be talking about me!  

Here goes:
1.  I am incredibly shy!  Painfully shy!!!  I am usually really quiet in front of a group of people.  I don't like public speaking.  I am comfortable in front of a group of kids, but other than that...I get nervous and sweaty when I have to speak in front of adults.  I am being trained on how to use Infinite Campus at our school.  When I signed up for it, I didn't know I'd have to help train our staff.  I am secretly hoping that I get appendicitis or something the night before so I don't have to do a presentation.

2. When people talk about their birth orders in their families, I never know what to say!  Am I the oldest? One of the middles?  I don't know.  I have a twin sister (who is also a teacher).  I was the first one born.  A month after we were born, my sister that is adopted, joined our family.  She is 6 months older than us.  So...we were raised like triplets, but she was in the grade ahead of us.  I have 2 younger siblings as well.

3.  I didn't get my driver's license until I was 22 years old.  When I was learning to drive, I drove over someone's mailbox.  My mom told me that I had to go tell them I destroyed it.  I cried.  She went and told them.  I didn't EVER want to drive again. EVER. I didn't drive for years but I figured I better get my license when before I started student teaching.  I still am nervous driving...but am getting better.

4.  When I went to college (Mankato State University), I lived with my twin sister.  I met my husband my freshman year.  We all did everything together.  It was like he was dating both of us!

5.  I have two boys that are almost 10 and almost 12.  They have never had a babysitter that was not related to them.  My sister did daycare for me when they were little.  When we went out when they were little we had my parents or siblings babysit for us.

6.  I am addicted to Hazel and Olive and Mint Julep.  I used to shop at The Buckle.  Now that I have found these two online boutiques...I rarely go into department stores.

7.  I didn't always want to be a teacher. I knew I was going to do something with kids, but thought I would be a pediatrician or a child psychologist.  When I found out how much schooling I'd have to do, I changed my mine.  I love working with kids and couldn't imagine doing anything different.

8.  I can't swim.  I never learned how.  I sink.  I can't float.  This summer my 9 year old son taught me how to do the back float.  I still panic.

9.  I love to take pictures.  I am always carrying my camera with me whenever my family goes anywhere.  Last year my son asked if we could go to the zoo.  He asked me to leave the camera at home.  He didn't want me stopping to take pictures of them.

10.  I am a night owl!  During the summer I am up until 2 or 3 in the morning.  I sleep until noon.  My boys are on the same schedule now.  They are just like me.  During the night we have the best bonding.  They are scared of the dark and want to be with me.  We play games, watch t.v. and talk.  We talk and laugh a lot!  It's going to be hard getting them back on a normal schedule.

That about sums me up!  LOL!  I can't wait to read about everyone else! :)


  1. Girl! I am a total night owl, too! How am I going to go back to school??? HA! Thanks for linking up!

  2. I love taking pictures too! I got a camera for Christmas and this was the first vacation where we actually took lots of pictures!

    Rowdy in First Grade

  3. Hi! I found your blog through Blog Hoppin’ Teacher Week! The summer went too fast and I cannot believe it is that time of year again!

    I learned to swim, but never the right way. I still have to plug my nose when I go under...

    Check out my Monday: Let’s Talk About the Teacher blog post!
    If You Give a Teacher a Treat

  4. It was nice learning more about you! I can't swim either, but made sure my girls all had lessons!