Friday, August 9, 2013

Back to School Blogger Exchange and a Freebie

I was so excited to participate in a Back to School Blogger Exchange hosted by Jessica at  Covered In Glitter And Glue and by Katie at Adventures Of Ms Smith.  

 These were our instructions to follow:

I was so excited to receive my package on one of the craziest days of my summer! :)  It could not have arrived on a better day and brought it brought so much cheer to me!  My package came from Pam over at Moments To Teach.  She really nailed it on with everything she sent.  My classroom will be blue and green this year with owls.  Everything she sent will match perfectly.

Included in my package was:
1.  Magnetic Board
2.  Owl Reading Awards and Cut-Outs
3.  Some place mats that I will use by my desk
4.  An owl puzzle
5.  A solar flower decoration to brighten up my room
6.  A flower decoration
7.  A white board/picture frame that was made into a to-do list

I love them all.  One of my sons has been playing with some of the items.  I'll have to sneak them out of the house when I set up my room.  :)  Thanks Pam!  You did great!!

I am also very excited to share this freebie with you!  I was soooooo excited when I saw that Nikki over at Melonheadz Illustrating posted this fun clip art set!
You can find the clip art by clicking here.

I knew I had to do something with it!!  Duck Dynasty is one show that my family and I sit down and watch together and laugh at!  I still remember the first time I watched it with my boys.  I didn't know what I was getting into.  I laughed so hard.  I love how they really incorporate family togetherness in their show and I love how the show ends with them at dinner...together.  We may or may not have sat down and watched marathons of this show....hours and hours of it!    I created this freebie that I am going to hang outside my classroom door for the first day of school.  

You can find it by clicking here.  Enjoy!

If you haven't entered my may want to do that as well.  You can find out about it by clicking here.

I hope you have a great weekend!  My family and I will be celebrating the one year anniversary of my mom's kidney transplant.  My cousin generously gave her one!  I can't wait to see all my family!


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I had the most fun shopping for you. I absolutely love owls! :) As I've already told you, I adore the gift you sent to me!

    - Pam @ Moments to Teach

    1. Thanks so much!!! I am glad you like it! :) Let me know if you want anything more created for your classroom. ;)

  2. EEEKKKKKK! I LOVE this!!!!! It's perfect:) Thank you for including me my friend:) I'm happy happy happy!

    1. You are welcome!!! Thanks for making me so happy, happy, happy with all your clip art! :)

  3. I am loving ALL of the owl goodies you got! Super cute! =)

    Thanks so much for participating and linking up! =)
    Ms. Smith
    Adventures of Ms. Smith

    1. I love them too! :) Thanks for hosting. What a great idea. I loved getting a package in the mail. ;)

  4. Loved your poster! Saw it on Instagram and had to come snag it!
    Rowdy in First Grade

  5. Glad I found your blog through the linky!! Great little gifts, they are too cute!
    Love the freebie. We found that show too (how in the world we weren't watching I have no idea) and LOVE it!!

    Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten