Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bursting With Excitement & Another Freebie

Hi!  I am so excited for Nikki over at Melonheadz Illustrating.  Hop on over to  her blog to find out why she is bursting with excitement!  :)  I love and am obsessed with all the clip art she creates!  It makes my work fun.  My first grade kiddos asked last year how I got such cute pictures on their work.  They asked who drew it and even asked what kind of brush strokes they used to draw/color the pictures?  LOL!

I am working on a series of posters to use in my class room with the new clip art that I got.
You can find the clip art  here.

I created this poster to use for Parent Information Night.  I will close my meeting with this poster.

We all know that our kiddos come to school and share lots of stories about things that happened the night before at home with the class, right?  I laugh and think, "If your parents really knew, what you were sharing with us....they would die!"  Sometimes I don't know if I should believe what I hear.  I've had kids share things during our Morning Meeting and I have said that I was going to call home to get more clarification on what the kids shared and their story changes...quickly.  I also have had parents call me and say, "So and so said or did this."  Sometimes it is true...sometimes after talking we find out that the story was made up on the way home.  Sooooo....during Parent Information Night I always say, "I promise to believe 95% or half of what your child says happens at home if you believe half  or 95% of what your child says happens at school."  I always encourage them to email me or call me if they have questions/concerns so we can work through things.   My kiddos make me laugh every day!  I hope that my own two kids are not sharing things with their class and teachers too.  I wonder sometimes what they REALLY know about our family quirks.  LOL!

Have a great weekend!

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