Tuesday, February 12, 2013

100th Day of School

Yesterday was our 100th Day of School.  We were sooo busy and had so much fun!  When the kids entered the room, they walked through 100 ribbons that I had tied to a poster that I made.  They loved it!!!

We started the day by writing 100 words.
You can get the freebie by going here....100th-Day-I-can-read-and-write-100-words-Freebie

After writing 100 words we read some books and did some fun activities from this packet...100th-Day-of-School-Worksheets-100-Days-of-School-40-pages from the Clever Classroom.  I didn't take too many pictures as I was walking through it with them. 

One of our favorite activities was building things with 100 Legos.  I put the students into groups of two and they had to make something out of 100 Legos.  Several of the groups used great teamwork to come up with something good and some had a difficult time with this as they had their own ideas and didn't want to work together.  The ones that worked together came up with some fun structures, the other kids learned that they didn't get very far and they didn't get a structure done.

We then had a chance to read some books about the 100th day of school.

When we came back from our specialist, we made 100 day crowns.   There were 10 strips on the crowns.  On each strip we drew 10 different things so in the end we had 100 pictures.

Each child was also given the number 100 written on a piece of paper.  They transformed them into a picture.  They came up with such cute ideas!!
Finally at the end of the day, each child was given an award saying that they are 100 days smarter!  It was such a fun day!

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