Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chinese New Year

Being that Monday was the 100th Day of School, we had to wait until today to celebrate Chinese New Year.  I let my parents know that we were going to be celebrating today.  The kids walked into the room to find these decorations that I got from Party City.

I was surprised this morning when one of my kiddos brought in a bag of things from China.  He was adopted from there when he was a baby.  So...we started the morning with him sharing his story.  It was so sweet.  I wish I would have had a video tape going.  He brought these things to share with us.  The rest of the kids were so excited and had so many questions.
 A book about China...

 Money...the kids thought this was so cool!

 Tiny shoes that he said he wore when he was a baby!  So adorable!   The kids wanted him to put them on. 


 A fan!

After looking at all the items we listened to a song on our Smart Board!  The kids LOVED this.  We listened to it a few times throughout the day.  They will probably be singing it in their sleep.

You can find the words and the song from Diary of a First Grade Teacher's Blog by clicking here...Chinese New Year song and words.

We did some literacy activities that you can find on my Chinese New Year pack here...Chinese-New-Year-Math-and-Literacy-Centers

 We sorted sentences.  We decided if they were telling sentences, asking sentences or excited sentences.

 We looked at words and sorted them according to common nouns and proper nouns.

 We read sentences and put the correct end mark on them.  I love using my doc camera and using my Smart Board so that everyone can see.

Cutting out nouns and gluing them into the correct boxes.  They had to decide if the words were common nouns or proper nouns.

We ended the day by making Chinese New Year Lanterns.  We will put them together tomorrow when the glitter dries.

When they finished these, they colored some coloring sheets with the Chinese New Year animals.  They colored a snake and all of the animals to go with the Zodiac signs.

You can find the coloring sheets by visiting Tori's Teacher Tips...here...chinese-new-year.  You can find tons of free worksheets for the Chinese New Year. 

It was a great day! 

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