Monday, February 25, 2013

The Leprechaun Trap

I came home from my 3rd and final day of conferences that I have had during the past two weeks. I was so happy to see a book the I ordered sitting on the counter.  I had to sit down and read it right away.  Who doesn't get super excited about reading brand new children's books?  This one is called The Leprechaun Trap.  Ohmigosh!!!  It is the cutest book ever!!!  I can't even wait to bring it to my class and read it to my first graders on Friday.  If you had an Elf On The Shelf this winter and enjoyed moving him around and doing creative, messy tricks with him, you will LOVE this book.  It's has exactly the same concept....only the Leprechaun does tricks every night in March until St. Patrick's Day.  On the eve of St. Patrick's Day the kids make traps and trap to try to catch him on St. Patrick's Day.   Then they will get his gold and he won't make messes the next year. 

After the first night of having the Elf in our house, I wondered whose idea it was for him to join our family!?!  I didn't feel like I was creative enough to hide him every night and after the first few days, I dreaded having to wait up at night and move him.  By Christmas time I was sad that he had to go away.  I am already thinking of fun things to do with the Leprechaun and can't wait for my class to come in every morning to find him. 

You can find the book at clicking below....
You will find a letter to parents on building Leprechaun traps in my St. Patrick's Day Pack. 
I can't wait to see my kids excited faces! :)

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