Sunday, January 20, 2013


We are working on short vowel chunks in my classroom.  The students are practicing listening to chunks at the end of words, identifying the vowels they hear and are rhyming words together.  I will be doing these puzzles with my class in February.   I will have 5 envelopes with 36 pieces in it.  The will sort the pieces out on the floor and form trains.  On the front engine there will be a short vowel chunk.  The cars behind it will have all the words that end with that chunk.  They will all be rhyming words.  They will record the words on the worksheets with the same chunks.  For each chunk, there are 5 cars and for each vowel there are 6 chunks totaling 30 trains in all (per vowel).

Chunks included are: ap, at, an, am, ar, ap, et, en, ell, ed, est, ess, it, ip, in, ig, ill, id, ot, og, ob, ock, op, om, ug, ut, ub, un, uck, um



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