Sunday, January 27, 2013

Telling Time to the Hour and 1/2 Hour Freebie

Hi!  I hope you are all having a fun, relaxing weekend.  As I write this, we are getting tons of snow.  It started with freezing rain and now the snow is coming down.  I am secretly hoping for a school delay.  It would be our first one in years!  We are allowed to dream right?  I had a fun weekend.  Being a mom of two boys, I never get to really enjoy girly shopping. On Friday night I went shopping with a girlfriend, her daughter and two of her daughters friends (all in second grade).  We started out by eating at Mozza Mia.  OMG!  This is my NEW favorite place.  I made reservations for my family to eat there on Valentine's Day.  After eating, we went to TJ MAXX.  It was so fun seeing how girls shop.  They tried on high heels, hats and scarves and we all had plenty of giggles.  I love my boys dearly but they hate to shop!!  We did go out Saturday to exchange some pants that I got Friday night for my youngest son.  My boys were troopers.  Today we've been pretty lazy.  My kids are into the show Fact or Fact.  So I have been watching it and working on school stuff.  One of the things I made today was a Telling Time freebie.  It's very simple.  You can use it as a center, class activity or as a matching game.  I hope the rest of your weekend is fantastic!


You can get it by clicking here...Telling Time Freebie


  1. Cute freebie! Thank you! Glad you got to girl-shop! AND I hope you have a delay tomorrow. Not a snow day that you have to make up! Just a delay! Send some of that weather to Austin!

    Rowdy in First Grade

  2. Thank you! Girl shopping was sooo much fun! We didn't get a snow day...but crossing my fingers again for one this Monday. :) Everyone loves a snow day, right? :)