Tuesday, October 6, 2015

ABC Pie centers

I absolutely love fall!  The trees are starting to change.  I get to wear warm sweatshirts and boots  again and my hair isn't so frizzy when I step out the door.  

 We start reading about fall and go on nature walks at school.

And we start talking about food that we eat in the fall.  I LOVE apple pie.  My mom makes it every year with my sisters, boys and I.  

We are lucky to have a place called Companies to Classrooms in our area.  Teachers get to go and "shop" for things that businesses donate to them.  

I found these fun pie boxes there.  I knew that I could find something to do with them.

 I took some pie tins and put them in the box.  I made some apple pie slices and pumpkin pie slices with the letters of the alphabet and with pictures on them.

Kids will take a pumpkin pie slice out of the tin and then will find the pumpkin pie slice that has the same beginning sound on it.

 For the apple pie slices kids will match the uppercase and lowercase letters together.

When the kids are all done, they put everything back into the box.

You can find these pie pieceshere!

Have a great day!

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