Sunday, September 13, 2015

Whole Body Listening, Responsive Classroom, Check-in Cards, Plus MORE

We survived our first week of school!  We learned how to be a kindergartner, how to listen, how to line up in a straight line and how to walk down the hall without talking, how to enter our PIN numbers for lunch, plus so much more.  We are doing a great job learning our new routines in school,

We have been learning about being in a new classroom community.  We use Responsive Classroom in our room.  We have practiced how to line up, how to listen, how to sit in a circle, how to walk in a line, how to use our supplies, etc.  I introduced the Take-A-Break chair this week as well.  I had one little girl ask if she could go sit in it one day because she just wanted to think.  They are so sweet.  It's so hard to be  in school all day.
You can check out some things I made  HERE.

We have been really practicing sitting in a group,  We learned all about what it means to be a good listener.  I used a Mr. Potato Head and applied the body parts that we were learning about.  They loved using him.  I had them cut out the body part that we talked about.  They glued it on to their Mr. Potato Head.

You can find the sheets that I created HERE.

We are also working on being a good self advocate.  I want students to be able to tell me if they do not understand something.  I created some check in card for this purpose.  When we are doing our work, they will flip the cards to the color that they feel that they are at.
You can find these HERE.

I got some cell phone holders from Companies to Classrooms.  This is a local place that businesses donate things for teachers to.  We get to go and shop once a month for things for our classroom.

If you don't have cell phone holders, you can always put the cards on a ring and have them flip to the color that they are at.

We have been using our iPads in our classroom.  This year I got timers from Dollar Tree.  The kids set the timers when they are using the iPad.  once the timer is done, their partner gets to go.

We did our first science experiment this week.  We talked about germs and passed a piece of bread around the circle during our sharing time during Morning Meeting.  We put it in a baggie.  I then had one kid wash their hands and touch the piece of bread.  We put that in a baggie.  Finally, I put a piece of bread in a baggie that no one touched.  We predicted what we think will happen and wrote these predictions down.

I was so excited to have another Naeir order come in.  If you haven't heard of it, you seriously need to sign up.  They have such great deals for teachers.

During the week, my son got his iPad at school.  He said it was the best day of his life.  My oldest son gets his this week.  They are both pretty excited that they each get an iPad at their schools.

My oldest son played football this weekend.  It's so fun to watch him play.

Finally, we celebrated my youngest son's birthday this weekend,  He turned 12.  It makes me proud to see my kids grow up...but I am sad at the same time.  Time is going so fast!

I hope you have a great week!

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  1. Yes, time is flying so fast! And our children grow up! Your fist week in the kindergarten is great! You You taught your kids to be disciplined.