Thursday, January 2, 2014

Winter Olympics *Go for the Gold* Give-Away

I am sooo excited that the Winter Olympics will be starting in February!  I just created a fun unit to use with my class while the Olympics are going on.    You can find it here --> Winter Olympics Pack

Winter Olympics *Go for the Gold*   Games, Activities and

We are going to start with a research project.  Each kid is going to do a little research on a country that has a high level of participants in the Winter Olympics.  They will answer the questions and dress in that countries colors on February 7th.  We will have an "opening ceremony" in our classroom and they will share info about their country.

 In the pack is a flag for each  country that has participants in the Olympics.

 During the 2 weeks we will do lots of fun activities in our class.  We will read two mini books.

There is a poster explaining what each sporting event is.

We will have races in our classroom where kids use their language arts and math skills to solve puzzles.  They will be paired up with other kids in the classroom to solve the puzzles.  Teamwork is going to be encouraged.  The winning teams will get medals.

Kids will play Around the World.  The person who make is the farthest will get a gold medal.

They will match the Winter Olympic sport with pictures and names.

 They will solve Rhyming Puzzles.

They will find a mystery message.

 They will find hidden words.

 They will describe a sport.

They will look at a map and locate where they live and where the Olympics are occuring.  They will answer questions about the map.

You will find:
A parent letter explaining the reading log and research project.

A reading log to keep track of minutes read at home.

Country research questions for top 28 countries with highest participants + a blank copy.

Winter Olympic Games Participation Award for each kid.

Graph to keep track of how many medals your country wins in Olympics

Posters describing what each Winter Olympic sport is.

2 mini books.  One with the Winter Olympic sports and one with the Olympic symbols.

Posters to describe athletes.

Graph of what your favorite Winter Olympic sport it.

World Map to locate where you live and where the Olympics are
Questions to answer by looking at world map
Olympic games to play in the class (Matching sport names and pictures, Around the World addition facts, Addition Fact Fluency tests, Country flags to put in ABC order, Olympic word syllable sort, Word writing race, 1-120 puzzle, Find the missing sentence puzzle, Race to find hidden words puzzle, Rhyming words puzzles, Time to hour and half hour puzzle, Number sense puzzles, Subtraction puzzles, Short Vowel puzzles, Ten more/ten less puzzles).  Many of the games have a recording sheet to go with it.
Gold, Silver and Bronze medal awards to give to the winners of the races.

I cannot wait for the games to begin!
You can find this unit hereWinter Olympics Pack

I will be giving away 2 packs.

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  1. I have used the Summer Olympics as a theme in summer school. I loved that it worked across content areas, for all grade levels, and both boys and girls. Practice and hard work applies to both learning and sports!

  2. We did a classroom Summer Olympics many years ago. Fun times.

  3. This is awesome!

  4. We haven't celebrated the Olympics so far but will try it out this year!