Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Year's Day, 80's Day, Chinese New Year and Winter Olympics

I cannot believe that January is here...and before you know it, it will be gone.  This year is flying by fast.  I haven't been the best at blogging and am trying to get better.  After our move next week, I'll have time again to do the things I want to do.  In order to keep my sanity over the next couple weeks, I am looking ahead and planning my weeks out.

January is packed with fun!  We are going to be doing lots of fun activities from my New Year's Day pack

There are tons of fun activities in the pack.  There is a mini book explaining what New Year's Eve and what New Year's Day is.
There are tons of printables and this fun crown that kids can make and wear.

You can find this pack by clicking here.

On January 16th we will be celebrating our 80th day of school.  We will be doing tons of fun 80's day activities.  The kids will be wearing 80's clothing that day as well.  
You can read about this day here.
You can also find the pack here.

We will also be learning about the Chinese New Year.  My kid's LOVE this day.  It falls on January 31st this year.   We'll be doing lots of fun activities from this unit that you can read about here.  I think I deleted pictures from my phone.  Once gone there....they must have been deleted from my blog.  :(  So...there are a bunch of blank spots on the bottom.   You can find this unit by clicking here.

There are lots of math and literacy activities in this pack.  

Kids will put numbers in order and they will do skip counting.

In February we will be doing lots of fun things.  Groundhog's Day, Presidents' Day, the 100th Day, Dental Health and the Winter Olympics are things will be learning about.  

I am excited for the Winter Olympics this year.  Figure skating is my favorite to watch.  
I just added this fun unit that you can find here.  You can read about it in this post.  We will be doing lots of races that encourage teamwork throughout the two weeks that the Olympics are occuring.

I have a sample of what kinds of activities are included in my unit above.  You can find it here or here.

I am overwhelmed with all that will be happening soon!  I hope you are having a great year and are staying warm.  I am happy that our winter break was extended by one day.  Our governor called off school in the entire state of Minnesota on Monday because it is going to be too cold. I am so glad we have someone that looks out for the safety of our kids.  


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