Sunday, November 17, 2013

Totally 80's: Getting Ready to Celebrate the 80th Day of School

Yikes...I have been gone from this blog for longer that I wanted to be.  We have been soooo busy with school and trying to sell our house.  I don't know how people with SMALL babies work and try to sell their house at the same time!  It's hard to keep it clean and make sure it's ready with 2 bigger kids.   I am also in the middle of fall conferences.  One more night and then I am done until spring. I have truly enjoyed meeting with all of my parents.  I have the sweetest class ever.  There isn't a day that goes by that  I don't laugh about something that one of them said.

In November we had a combined birthday party for the boys! They both invited a total of 20 friends to come over.  Their party was Minecraft themed.  We decorated for hours the night before...but it was so worth it! :)

For their birthday...Game Truck Party drove up to our house.  They all loaded into it and played video games for two hours.   It was so much fun! 

In school we have been busy too!  I had a little sweetie give me this card.

We made Veterans for Veterans Day.

 We had Minion Day.  We watched Despicable Me and made our Minions to hang in the hall saying why we liked first grade.  These are decorating our halls for conferences right now.

For our Harvest Party I had 4 of the BEST moms in the world help me with Loom Bracelets.  Most of my kids were saying they knew how to make I didn't think it would be so hard.  Boy!  Oh Boy!  Do my moms deserve a medal!!!  I was sweating by the time we were done with the hour.

On Friday, it was the 50th day of school!  I was NOT even close to prepared for this day.  Because the kids wanted to dress up...we decided we'd still have a 50 days of school party the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  We'll still do a lot of the same just won't be on the 50th day!

I AM prepared for our 80th day already though!  I love celebrating the milestone days with my kids and they really get into it.  The 100th day is falls the day before Valentine's Day.  We also have President's Day, Groundhogs Day, Dental Health week, the same everything is rushed.  This year I decided I am going to do 80's day.  Just.Because!  I love the music and I love the toys, etc. that we played with during that time.  None of the kids now really know what the 80's are we're going to learn about it!

I created this unit and just uploaded it to my TPT store.   Totally-80s-Math-and-Literacy-Centers-to-Celebrate-the-80th-Day-of-School.  I started it this summer and it took until today to finish it!  It's 300 + pages of Math and Literacy Centers that you can do with your kids that is all aligned to Common Core.  I was having a hard time creating a preview ended up taking pictures to get it done.  There are TONS of pictures for you to see what is included.  I only included about 1/2 of them!  I apologize for this!

Finally Misty at Krazy About Teaching is having a giveaway for having 10,000 views of her blog!!  You'll want to check it out to win some awesome packs!  Good luck!!!

I hope you have a great week!!!

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