Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Watch Me As I Grow: A Collection of Self Portraits/Writing Samples Throughout the Year

Watch Me As I Grow
First Grade is a huge year of growth for first graders.  Each year I do a scrapbook for my kids with lots of pictures throughout the year.  In this packet I am including the “main pages” that I put into my scrapbook.  Each month we do a number of different things that I hold onto to share with my first grade parents at the end of the year.  I start with the cover.  Each month I have the kids do their self portrait.  This is the first page of their monthly collection.  I then have them do a name writing sample and they write as many words as they know how to spell.  I then include a class picture and a couple snapshots that I have taken throughout the month.  I put this book together month by month so that the first grade parents can see the progression that their child has made throughout the year.  I sometime add random journal entries in these books, or whatever else I have collected throughout the year.  Have fun!
Clip Art From:  Creative Keepsakes & Scrappin Doodles

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