Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Fun

So...this isn't really a school post...well maybe a little bit...but not really. After being out of school since June 5th, I have spent every day with my 2 kids and I LOVE it. BUT...out of the 19 or so days we've been out of school, it's rained almost EVERY single day of them. We had maybe 2 really NICE days where we sat out at the pool and I fried myself because I didn't wear sunscreen. Odd that I lather it on my own kids...and lecture my kids at school about it...but I didn't do it myself. So for 1 1/2 weeks I was in pain and learned my lesson. Anyway this past week has been rainy, and I have blog stalked a lot and have gotten most of my lesson planning done for September and 1/2 of October. My husband and I also sat and bailed water out of our sump pump for 2 hours early one morning this week because we lost the power and because of all the rain...we didn't want our basement to flood. I have also have my 2 kids attached at my hips because at almost 4 feet tall they can't let me go out of their sight because of the 1 inch centipede we saw crawling in our bathroom the other morning...and crazy...but they think it is going to find them and eat them up. We have researched centipedes and found they are pretty harmless, but that still isn't preventing them from sleeping in my bed at night. I think I am going to pretend lie and say I found it and vacuumed it up! After this week, and the constant begging of my friend to come with her to Country Fest, and the week I have had...I decided at last minute I was going to go. SOOO...tomorrow morning I leave my babies (yes they are 7 and 9 and I still call them my babies) with my hubby. I was running around and doing last minute things and had to clean all the school pictures off my camera (which I was sad about...but there were over 500 of them since April). I had to do it because I am so convinced Josh Turner is going to find me out of 10,000+ people and sing..."Why Don't We Just Dance" to just me! :) I found this one picture on my camera that I wanted to share before I go because I know many teachers were probably feeling this way during their last weeks of school...and it's how I feel now! I took it during our chick unit at school in April...and is NOT dead!  Hopefully the rain will clear up for the next 4 days because I am taking mini vacation from my vacation! :)


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